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Natalia M. Villarán Quiñones



Natalia M. Villarán-Quiñones is a Virgo, Queer, Femme Afro-Caribbean/Afro-Boricua and intersectional Ecofeminist based in Puerto Rico. Poet, cultural anthropologist, writer, editor, museum educator certified in Trauma Informed Teaching artist and antiracist educator, trainer and facilitator.

Author of Desamor y Memorias de una Virgo: The Heartbreak and Memories of a Virgo, participated in Future Now project, Metropolarity; En Comunidad: Works by Queer and Trans Latinx Contemporary Artists exhibit and had her poetry exhibited in The Black QT artistic body at Fox Art in Philadelphia, PA. Co Curated Equinox exhibition in 2017 and QT Noir Festival of Till Arts Project in Philadelphia, PA in 2019. She was also published in the anthology Puerto Rico en mi Corazón in 2019.  Created Bilingual activities, workshops and guided Tours for The Barnes Foundation and The Attic Youth Center in Philadelphia. Panelist for PAFA’s Tacking Back space, Fair Museum Jobs- Anti-racism in museum recruitment, Barra Foundation Non Profit Leaders’ Circle and University of Puerto Rico MAGAC Panel Prácticas e imaginarios culturales en la gestión cultural.

#blackmuseumeducator #museumsarenotneutral 

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